Embedded Linux Debugging / Tracing / Profiling

Date: July 26-27, 2018 | 2 days, 9.00 - 17.00
Training Fee: 1.190 Euro plus VAT tax
Training Description: PDF

ICON - Eclipseina Embedded Academy Seminar -  Embedded Linux Debugging/Tracing/Profiling - Pinguin - Bug - Debug

Embedded Linux Debugging / Tracing / Profiling

The participants will be given a basic overview of debugging/tracing/profiling facilities with (embedded) GNU/Linux.
Hands-on exercises provide you with the necessary practical experience to go ahead and choose the right tool for your debugging needs.
As a basic, we recommend the training Embedded Linux in Theory and Practice.

This training is also available in German: Embedded Linux Debugging/Tracing/Profiling.

Target Group

Software architects, software developers, software project manager, system architects


Theoretical and practical knowledge in how to use embedded Linux is assumed.

Training Content

1. Day: Debugging

  • Debugging with easy methods: e.g. errno, shell debugging, lsof, netstat, procfs, sysfs,
    debugfs, syslog, ltrace...
  • Gdb and friends: e.g. gdb, gdbserver, gdb and threads, core dump, zero pointer,
    log segmentation faults, crash ...
  • TOP and friends: top, latencytop, powertop, powerdebug, iotop, atop, htop
  • Boot-up time optimization: grabserial, bootgraph, bootchart

2. Day: Profiling, tracing und relevant tools

  • Profiling and Tracing: e.g. time, gcov, gprof, oprofile, systemtap, perf, ftrace, trace printk, kernelshark...
  • Tools for debugging, profiling and tracing - the Yocto-Project: e.g. Eclipse plugin, tcf-agent,
    User space Debugging, perf, ftrace...


Eclipseina Referent - Robert Berger