Embedded Linux Debugging / Tracing / Profiling

Date: on request | 2 days, 9.00 - 17.00
Training Fee: 1.190 Euro plus VAT tax
Training Description: PDF

ICON - Eclipseina Embedded Academy Seminar -  Embedded-Linux-Debugging-Tracing-Profiling - Pinguin - Insekt

Training Description

The participants will be given a basic overview of debugging/tracing/profiling facilities with (embedded) GNU/Linux.
Hands-on exercises provide you with the necessary practical experience to go ahead and choose the right tool for your debugging needs.
As a basic we recommend the training „Embedded Linux in Theory and Practice“.

Target Group

Software architects, software developers, software project manager, system architects


Theoretical and practical knowledge in how to use embedded Linux is assumed.

Training Content

1. Day: Debugging

  • Debugging with easy methods: e.g. errno, shell debugging, lsof, netstat, procfs, sysfs,
    debugfs, syslog, ltrace...
  • Gdb and friends: e.g. gdb, gdbserver, gdb and threads, core dump, zero pointer,
    log segmentation faults, crash ...
  • TOP and friends: top, latencytop, powertop, powerdebug, iotop, atop, htop
  • Boot-up time optimization: grabserial, bootgraph, bootchart

2. Day: Profiling, tracing und relevant tools

  • Profiling and Tracing: e.g. time, gcov, gprof, oprofile, systemtap, perf, ftrace, trace printk, kernelshark...
  • Tools for debugging, profiling and tracing - the Yocto-Project: e.g. Eclipse plugin, tcf-agent,
    User space Debugging, perf, ftrace...


Eclipseina Trainer - Robert Berger - gathered experience in software design and development for embedded systems