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For our customers, we develop products to facilitate their work in the embedded environment. With the time-intensive and repetitive tasks being covered by our solutions, software developers and engineers are able to concentrate on their core topics once again.

EC-CHARGE© Control Module for Charging Stations

Solutions for your charging station: retrofit or new development

Charging stations which are not yet using the current mode-3 charging procedure in accordance with ISO 15118 can be updated cost-effectively: The modular retrofit set EC-CHARGE© makes it possible to either simply upgrade charging stations with EC-CHARGE© or to support new charging stations based on EC-CHARGE© (DIN 70121 compatible as well).

Eclipseina GmbH Produkt EC-CHARGE© - Steuerungsmodul für Ladesäulen

EC-CHARGE© Retrofit

EC-CHARGE© – a modular, manufacturer independent retrofit for charging points – This product offers a modular build in both hardware and software conversion, is ready for mounting on the DIN rail and is suited to basically upgrade charging stations from all manufacturers. As an integrated solution EC-CHARGE© replaces outdated control systems for AC charging stations while the rest of the installation remains fairly untouched. Due to the modular build, a needs-oriented configuration is possible and hence only necessary components are deployed. There are for instance single and dual core options for the micro-controller, an optional LTE connection (OCPP to backend) or WiFi/BT connection.

A second implementation variant was developed with a focus on DC charging stations, with a DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 compatible communication → product sheet

EC-CHARGE© Initial Equipment

EC-CHARGE© – a modular, manufacturer independent initial equipment for charging points – As an integrated solution, EC-CHARGE© can be used as a control system for both AC and DC charging stations. Due to the modular build, the configuration for new developments happens needs-oriented. Again, the optional LTE connection or the Wi-Fi/BT makes a connection to the backend possible. → product sheet

Individual Charge Control Based on EC-CHARGE©

You have specific requirements on installation space or hardware and software conversion?

We offer an entire range of consulting and engineering support as well as component manufacturing later on in the process. Based on EC-CHARGE©, we can develop individual solutions according to your specifications.


You need consulting and engineering services for EV Charging? We offer assistance from concept development over software development up to bench tests.

Advantages of EC-CHARGE©

Modular Build

The retrofit set is ready for mounting on the DIN rail and can be deployed needs-oriented in different gradings.

Compact Hardware Design

Goal-focussed development and the use of modern hardware components result in a compact hardware design which can be easily adjusted to a customer specific installation space.

Suited for Commercial Vehicles

The infrastructure for both cars and commercial vehicles is supported, which differentiates EC-CHARGE© from other systems.

Manufacturer Independent

Software and electronics are of a modular build. This means that they are equipped with a hardware and software architecture that enables to flexibly support different manufacturers. Moreover, due to this concept, functions which are not needed today can be easily retrofitted or activated later on.


According to customer requests, individual adjustments and integrated solutions based on the customer’s charging infrastructure are possible.


The encrypted charging communication (only ISO 15118) is in compliance with the latest security standards and also applies to the OCPP. The individual modules are sealed and hence unaffected by temperature changes, moisture or condensation.

Extensive Support

For the retrofit of different types of charging stations, our experts from the fields of electronic and software development will assist you. We offer to create a fitting design including the implementation of the user interface and the documentation for the end customers.

EC-CHARGE© Product Video

Charging Test Systems Overview

Eclipseina offers state of the art communication solutions based on DIN70121 and ISO 15118 charging standards for Power-Line-Communication (PLC). These are third-generation vehicle charging products for direct and alternating current charging (DC, AC).

The product range includes EC-CHARGE-TEST, a hardware test solution for use in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems and test stations. The hardware is also suitable for prototyping in charging stations and vehicles.

EC-SIM-EV and EC-SIM-EVSE offer all-in-one solutions for testing communication between vehicles and charging stations. Both systems are ideal for support during product development. Further important areas of ​​application are the end-of-line test (EOLT) during production and the quality assurance before the start of series production.


Implementing DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 Communication Hardware

EC-CHARGE-TEST is a modem solution for charging spots with regards to DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 compliant signalling utilising GreenPhy power line communication (PLC) over pulse width modulation (PWM) technology (ISO layer 1 and 2). The board can be integrated into charging spots and physically connected to the power electronics. The software stack according to DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 is not included but can be provided using EC-SIM-EV or EC-SIM-EVSE.

The main advantage is an integrated Qualcomm GreenPhy chip QCA 700x with a small form factor. With this ARM9 processor including the firmware, the interface for the necessary software stack DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 can be easily used via an Ethernet connection. The PWM is controlled by RS232 or Ethernet.

EC-SIM-EV and EC-SIM-EVSE simulation software

EC-SIM-EV/SE is based on the ISO 15118 / DIN 70121 Compliant Hardware Design of EC-CHARGE-TEST

The application purpose of the EC-SIM-EV/SE is to provide a software solution for the hardware EC-CHARGE-TEST.

This solution for charging spot or EV vehicle simulation is in accordance with DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 compliant signalling utilising GreenPhy power line communication (PLC) over pulse width modulation (PWM) technology (ISO layer 1 and 2). The EC-CHARGE-TEST board can be integrated into charging spots and vehicles.  Another use case is the stand-alone for test purposes of vehicle or charging spot power-line-communication. The software interface adaptations take care of proper data exchange between the power electronics and the EC-SIM-EV/SE.

The EC-SIM-EV and EC-SIM-EVSE simulation software offers a comfortable DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 compliant realisation of the communication requirements.


  • PLC communication via control pilot (CP) and protective earth (PE)
  • PLC over PWM injection circuit
  • Applicable for AC and DC charging
  • Standard compliant simulation software

A detailed description of the respective hardware solution can be found under hardware EC-CHARGE-TEST.

EC-LIB® Function Library

Little details stop you from focusing on the essential part of developing? Core skills are pushed into the background by underlying issues?

Use your company’s potential to the fullest and entrust the EC-LIB® with troublesome details. The EC-LIB® is a modular function library full of embedded C software functions where frequently required functionalities are implemented as optimized software functions.

The EC-LIB® is based on the prerequisite that the standardisation uses an exponent of 2, which means by a point shifting into the binary numbers. Usually this is implemented in such a way that all physical units are normed as SI units and an easy conversion is possible.

Die EC-LIB® ist eine modular aufgebaute Bibliothek von Embedded C Softwarefunktionen, in der häufig benötigte Funktionalitäten als optimierte Softwarefunktionen umgesetzt sind.
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