The Yocto Project - A Summary

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The Yocto-Project (YP) represents an Open-Source-Project which provides templates, tools and modes to generate Embedded Products independent of Linux based systems and their hardware architecture. Even experienced GNU/Linux-users don’t know how to accommodated their work flow to YP and whether
they need it. This seminar will give answers and shows the most important elements which define the Yocto Project.

The seminar’s aim is the imparting of the required essentials on base of existing knowledge in GNU and Linux. As fundamental you should at least took the seminar Embedded Linux in theory and experienced. Also an advantage would be knowledge in GNU and/or Linux.


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Ort: Technologiezentrum TechBase | Eclipseina GmbH | Franz-Mayer-Str. 1 | 93053 Regensburg