Xtext and Xtend

Training Fee: 1.290 Euro plus VAT tax
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Domain-Specific Languages and Code Generators with Xtext and Xtend

Participants will learn the basic concepts of language development with Xtext: Grammar, Meta Model, Validation, Scoping, Formatting and Quick Fix. Further aspects such as overriding of basic behavior by dependency injection, referencing of other models, manipulation of a derived meta-model and import mechanisms are taught.
The participants will learn Xtend and how to utilise the wide range of opportunities it provides, e.g. Closures, Manipulatin of collections and Rich Strings. They learn this effectives for generation of source code from models.
After completing the seminar, participants will be able to create prototypes for their own specialised languages. Participants will apply and expand on their knowledge with the help of a universal and practical example.

This training is also available in German: DSL und Code-Generatoren Entwicklung mit Xtext und Xtend

Target Group

Software developers, tool developers and software architects


Advanced knowledge of general software development and sound knowledge of Java are necessary.
Experience of working with Eclipse would be an advantage. A sound command of English is necessary, as seminar documentation is written in English.

Training Content

Language development with Xtext

  • Aspects of the grammar development
  • The relation between grammar and the derived meta model
  • Name spaces linking/scoping
  • Validation
  • UI concepts: quick fix and outline

Features of the language Xtend

  • Closures
  • Manipulation of collections
  • Extensions
  • Rich strings
  • Code generators


Eclipseina Referent - Dr. Henrik Rentz-Reichert