QFD Method for Product Development

Training Fee: 890 Euro plus VAT tax
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Application of the QFD Method for Product Development and Requirements Engineering

This training will provide you an understanding of the Quality Function Deployment method (QFD) and its performance. The practical and purposeful use of the method QFD at the product definition will be demonstrated. Further, you will learn the methodology and procedure of QFD and can classify them into the product development process. Techniques for capturing customer requests and their translation into evaluated customer requirements as well as the derivation of the technical product concept are conveyed. Evaluation and interpretation of the results completes the training.

The main focus is on the implementation of the individual steps of the QFD using case studies and teamwork.

This training is also available in German: QFD - Systematik für Anforderungs- und Produktentwicklung

Target Group

Product manager, program manager, project manager, R&D employees, technicians,
employees from product marketing, sales, quality management and production


Professional experience in the above mentioned areas is an advantage.

Training Content

The main focus of the seminar is the transfer of the practice-oriented and purposeful use of the method QFD in product development. As a result, errors are reduced and customer satisfaction is increased.


  • Quality Function Deployment: Overview
  • Purpose and benefits of the method QFD
  • Classification and importance of QFD in product development process
  • The House of Quality - From the market requirements to the product concept
  • Customer requirements versus customer needs
  • Integrated methods for prioritizing and evaluating
  • Teamwork and case studies
  • Practical application of QFD in the company


Eclipseina Referent - Arno Friedrich