QFD Method for Specifications

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Practical Application of the QFD Method for Specifications

Modern mechatronic systems are becoming more and more complex. How are system functions distributed to different components? How do you proceed when customers provide a detailed requirement specification for the implementation? In this training you will learn how to apply the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method and to draw the right conclusions for product features and design based on customer requirements. After a general introduction to the method, requirements, functions and design are conceptually differentiated and classified. Different ways through the QFD process are introduced and you will learn to use the possibilities of QFD for your product design. Practical examples illustrate the procedure.

This training is also available in German: Lastenhefte systematisch umsetzen - QFD in der Praxis

Target Group

Project manager, R&D employees, technicians from electronics, software and mechanics


Professional experience in the areas mentioned above and knowledge of the training contents of
Application of the QFD Method for Product Development and Requirements are of advantage.

Training Content

The training focuses on the practical and target oriented use of the method QFD in the development of product feature and designs.
This shortens development time and increases customer satisfaction.


  • Apply QFD to mechatronic system development
  • Assign system functions to individual components
  • Handling customer specifications
  • Practical examples


Eclipseina Referent - Arno Friedrich