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Embedded Software


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in the areas of embedded software and electrical charging

You need capacities on different levels in your embedded software organization at short notice? We support you on the management level as well as in the technical implementation.

We can not only rely on our own resources, but also rely on the collaboration in the Eclipseina GmbH network, which combines comprehensive expertise and experience with all common software tools. We offer:

  • Requirements development
  • Functional development and simulation
  • Embedded C software development
  • Software testing

Requirements Development for Embedded Systems

Entwicklung Von Embedded Systemen

We support you with gaining clarity about customer requests and converting them conceptionally and technologically effectively into product features. We are your partner in the following areas:

  • System development – structuring of complex systems
  • Reduction and specification of requirements on different levels
  • Traceability of requirements
  • New products – QFD method for defining customer request, market requirements and product features

Development and Simulation of Control Functionalities

Analysis of the Technical Problem

In discussions, we define the exact problem and make sure to distance it from other parts of the system. Further on, the work procedure and the interfaces of the system are analysed together to define target-oriented measures based on both of them.

Implementation of the Functions

With modelling tools such as Scilab or MATLAB Simulink we specify the functions and implement them. To model and optimise your functionalities, we use:

  • Control engineering elements such as PIDT1 with anti-windup and feed forward
  • Filters such as highpass and lowpass filters, but also Butterworth filters and simple timers
  • Interpolation routines to optimally process non-linear input variables

Embedded Software Development and Software Testing

Based on existing architectures and roughly described functionalities we develop optimised embedded C software. For this, we combine our software expertise with technical knowledge and experience from automotive and industrial projects.

Development of Embedded Software in Projects

If you need embedded software components for your products, we are happy to develop embedded C software at your request and assist you with the implementation – in Regensburg or at your building site.

Software Optimisation with the EC-LIB®

If you want to optimise your already existing software by using the EC-LIB®, the embedded C fixed point arithmetic library, and perform a refactoring, our software team supports you with revising your original software. → More information on the EC-LIB®

Software Testing

We test your embedded software components. For this, we use practical experience but also formal qualifications such as the ISTQB® Certified Tester and Agile Tester. We have expertise in software testing in the following areas:

  • Software unit tests with TESSY
  • Embedded debugging and testing with the iSYSTEM toolchain including winIDEA and testIDEA
  • Code review and static code analysis, e.g. with PC-Lint
  • Support for the whole range of software tests with experience, personnel, further education, test setups and the respective test tools together with our partner companies from Embedded4You
Automotive Software

AUTOSAR Classic Platform

Automotive Embedded Software Architecture

Learn the basics of the AUTOSAR Classic Standard “AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture Standard”.

AUTOSAR Basic Training | Video
Automotive Embedded Software


Embedded C Software and Testing Projects

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