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About us

Eclipseina is a consulting and service company which is specialised in embedded software development. We cover all areas which are essential for successful software development from both a technical and an organisational view point. Let our products convince you:

EC-LIB® Function Library | EC-CHARGE® Control Module for Charging Stations | Charging Test Systems

We assist our customers with the development and the optimisation of organisations in the areas of organisation development and project management, knowledge management as well as development processes and functional safety according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262.

Our Embedded Academy seminars as well as our seminars on project management and soft skills provide our participants with collected knowledge from the embedded sector. For customer specific domains, which cover core know-how or business processes, we develop specific e-learnings for flexible usage in your company.
Embedded Academy | E-Learnings und Videos


Eclipseina GmbH CEO Annette Kempf.

CEO Annette Kempf holds a degree in electrical engineering and has vast experience as developer, project manager, process manager and line manager.

Before founding Eclipseina GmbH, she worked as a manager of a function and software development department for Schaeffler Technologies with a focus on electro mobility and industrial applications. Before that, she was responsible for the development and management of embedded software, processes and tools in the automotive industry. During this time, she also worked as a project and line manager and directed the successful construction of a new development location in Eastern Europe.

The technical environment during these occupations included the fields of embedded software and system development, software architecture, development processes, functional safety, information architecture and business excellence, which are also of high importance at Eclipseina.

Partner and Networks

Eclipseina GmbH has a strong network of experts and companies from the embedded sector. Hence, we work together with different partner companies in the development, further education and service sector. Moreover, Eclipseina actively participates in several networks which focus on knowledge exchange and development of future topics.

Partner in the Development Sector

Eclipseina GmbH Partner Eeas.
Eclipseina GmbH Partner Protos.

Partner in the Further Education Sector

Eclipseina GmbH Partner Reliable Embedded Systems.
Eclipseina GmbH Partner RST.
Eclipseina GmbH: MINRES.
Eclipseina GmbH Partner
Eclipseina GmbH Partner Zernickow.
Eclipseina GmbH Partner Razorcat.
Eclipseina GmbH Partner IT-Sicherheitscluster E.V.

Partner in the Service Sector

Eclipseina GmbH Partner CDS.
Eclipseina GmbH Partner Zielpuls.


Eclipseina GmbH Ist MItglied Im Netzwerk Embedded4you.


Eclipseina GmbH
Franz-Mayer-Str. 1
93053 Regensburg

+49 941 / 462 974 20

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