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Eclipseina auf Twitter: Neuigkeiten und interessante Stories rund um das Feld Embedded Systems entdecken

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Wie werden E-Autos geladen?

Hier gibt es die Antwort, detailliertes Fachwissen und use cases!

Noch mehr zur Elektromobilität gibt es hier:

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This additional content offers you knowledge about the Supporting Process Group, Configuration Management and Output Workproducts in 5 topics and 2 interactive quizzes.

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Nürnberg Digital Festival: Frauen in der Elektromobilität

Nuremberg Digital Festival

Panel discussion in german

Register now for Wednesday, July 6, 2022, 5 p.m.: Kulturwerkstatt “Auf AEG” the panel discussion “Women in E-Mobility: They make a difference”: Our CEO Annette Kempf will also be there.

Business Worldwide Magazine spricht mit Annette Kempf über Lösungen für die Elektromobilität.

E-Mobility Solutions


Business Worldwide Magazine talks to Annette Kempf about solutions for e-mobility.

Eclipseina GmbH Produkt EC-CHARGE© - Steuerungsmodul für Ladesäulen


Article in german

Eclipseina presents a comprehensive solution for electric vehicle AC and DC charging communication.

Annette Kempf im Interview auf Youtube mit Charbax über E-Mobility und die Embedded Academy.

Charbax Interview on YouTube

Youtube video

Annette Kempf shares her insights with YouTuber Charbax on our Embedded Academy and e-mobility.

Portrait von Geschäftsführerin Annette Kempf vor der Techbase Regensburg

Embedded Systems and E-Mobility

Article in german

Annette Kempf talks to Elektronik Praxis about the Corona crisis and the unforeseen opportunities it offers.

Portrait von Geschäftsführerin Annette Kempf vor der Techbase Regensburg

7 Questions for…

Interview in german

Photographer Petra Homeier poses seven exciting questions while photographing Managing Director Annette Kempf.

Eclipseina GmbH Produkt EC-CHARGE© - Steuerungsmodul für Ladesäulen

How Eclipseina is making e-mobility even more sustainable

Interview in german

Retrofitting existing charging columns made simple:
Annette Kempf talks to b2charge about training services and hardware products for EV charging station manufacturers.

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