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Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Years of experience

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Benefit from longstanding management experience in development sectors for embedded systems and mechatronics within the automotive and industrial environment.

The significance and complexity of embedded software organisations is steadily increasing and as a consequence, a regular adjustment of processes, tools and organisations becomes necessary. Hence, we are happy to assist you in meeting new challenges in the following disciplines:

  • interim management
  • organisation development
  • process development
  • functional safety
  • quality assurance

Automotive Management

Our experts in the field of automotive management will help you with aligning your processes, tools and structures strategically to the current market requirements in the embedded sector.

Grafik Mit Mini-V-Modell Der Eclipseina GmbH Im Bereich Automotive Management

Management of Automotive Software Departments

Profit from our longstanding experience in the field of automotive software management.

Interim Management in the Automotive Environment

Our experts take over the interim management of your embedded software department, preferably within the automotive sector. We can rely on long-time experience from the automotive powertrain (transmission, combustion engines, hybrid, e-mobility, inductive charging, On-board Charger OBC). Moreover, our experts are also familiar with the normative standards of Automotive SPICE ®, ISO 26262 and MISRA as well as with the common software tools.

Organisation Development

You want to build or restructure a software department or a software product line? We assist you with the optimal adjustment to the requirements of the projects. We coordinate the organisation and the division of roles within the team such that the best possible products can be developed, following Conway’s Law. Additionally, we focus on the employees’ further education.

Process Development Automotive

We work on your processes to further develop them profitably and ensure smooth communication. Thereby, we focus on the following disciplines:

  • Retention of professional resources – development and implementation of a knowledge management
  • Development processes – process landscape in the automotive environment in accordance with common process models (Automotive SPICE®, CMMI)
  • Safety – functional safety in accordance with ISO 26262

In this context, we can rely on our know-how in the development sector of OEM and Tier1 projects. In particular, you can benefit from our expertise in the following two fields:

  • Higher level processes in ECU development from defining variants over type approval to end-of-line programming
  • System and software development in accordance with Automotive SPICE®

Recording and Modelling of Processes in the Automotive Environment

We record the current processes via expert talks and model these with common BPMN tools. During this step, we identify optimisation potentials and describe them.

In order to define goal-oriented processes which support your organisation in the best possible way, we carry out workshops and record the results. These will then form a basis for the modelling of the goal-oriented processes.

Support/Assistance of the Rollout

Altered processes require a professional change management. Therefore, we offer support for this critical step by providing respective documentation and learning materials. Moreover, there is the possibility to work with e-learnings and videos to promote this rollout.

Functional Safety in accordance with ISO 26262

When implementing measures for functional safety in accordance with ISO 26262, we support you from the planning stages to the actual implementation with a particular focus on software development:

  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • Safety plan and safety case
  • Implementation in accordance with the standards

Quality Assurance in accordance with Automotive SPICE®, ISO 9001 and IATF 16949

We undertake the quality assurance in your projects, where we focus on the standards Automotive SPICE® (development of embedded systems in the automotive environment), ISO 9001 (basic quality management) and IATF 16949 (quality management in automotive projects).
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