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Online and In-House

List of our Charging Trainings

In addition to the Embedded Academy E-learnings, we also offer seminars – gladly online or in-house at your company.

Introduction to Electric Charging

Electric Charging for Managers
Electric Charging Introduction

Charging communication for hardware developers

Introduction to hardware development for PLC in electric charging
Hardware development and calibration of parameters
Expert training: PSD power spectral density calibration of PLC modems

Charging communication for software developers

Introduction to software development for PLC in electric charging
Electric Charging Communication for Software Developers of SW Stack


Charging Test Systems

HIL testing of the charging communication - EV

One of our core competencies is charging infrastructure. In this recorded live event you will get an insight into charging communication, you can get an idea of our expertise in the field of charging. You will also get to know our trainer Bernd Baranski, who is a charging expert and has delivered many trainings all over the world in the past.

E-Mobility Video
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