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Tests - Charging Communication
AC and DC Charging
SLAC and V2G

Ensuring correct EV and EVSE communication

Charging test systems for charging communication according to DIN 70121 and ISO 15118


Charging Test Systems

Eclipseina offers up-to-date test solutions based on the DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 charging standards for both the vehicle and the charging station. Hardware in the Loop HIL as well as Software in the Loop SIL solutions are offered.

Why do I need a charging test system?

Interoperability testing for EV and EVSE

Do you want to ensure that your electric vehicle can be charged at any charging station or that your charging station can be used by all common vehicles on the market? With interoperability testing, you can ensure that your solution meets the requirements.

Quality assurance during development

Early testing ensures a successful product development. Charging test system can be used during the development phase and thus ensuring quality already at this point. At an earlier stage of development SIL tests are performed and later the test with the hardware is added.

End-of-line testing in electronics production

A targeted test selection for end-of-line testing in your electronics production ensures that the charging communication of the individual charging controllers and control units works properly.

Software in the Loop
EC-CHARGE-TEST Charging Test Systems SIL Test Setup
SIL Software

Environment and software for the simulation of the behavior of electric vehicle EV or charging station EVSE.

Charging Test Systems: Software EC-SIM-EV-EVSE

The SIL software provides the environment for the integration of the DIN 70121 and ISO 15118 compliant signal transmission tests. The simulation software EC-SIL-EV or EC-SIL-EVSE consists of the user interface and is complemented by the SIL test packages.

This software in the loop test environment enables a test of the software solution at an early stage of development, e.g. when no hardware is available yet.

The own development software can thus be tested against a simulation environment. For this purpose, an interface description of the individual software functions is provided.

SIL Tests

Packages with test cases according to DIN70122 and ISO 15118-4/-5.

Charging Test Systems: HIL and SIL Tests. Hardware and Software in the Loop.

The test packages are integrated into the SIL software environment and cover the V2G test cases from the test standards DIN 70122 and ISO 15118-4/-5.

In order to meet customer-specific requirements, the test packages have been divided into the various sub-aspects and can be selected for electric vehicles EV and for charging stations EVSE on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Test according to DIN 70122 resp. ISO 15118-4/-5
  • AC charging AC / DC charging DC

Since the SIL tests are performed exclusively on the PC, there is no low-level communication via PWM and also no physical powerline communication. For this reason, in contrast to the HIL test solution, only V2G test cases are available, but not SLAC test cases.

Further customer-specific test cases that go beyond the contents specified in the standard are covered by our expert and test support.

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